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Sneak Preview of Our New Release Eli Diaries

We are excited to announce the release of the first volume of The Eli Diaries.  This amazing book series puts Jesus (Eli) in a modern day high school setting. A powerful, and thought provoking series of stories takes us into the lives of young people affected by their encounters with a very human and divine Son of God.

From best-selling authors Bill Myers, Melody Carlson, Jeff Gerke, Shawn Hopkins, Krista McGee and Tim Shoemaker.The Eli Diaries explores a world where Jesus did not come until today … as a 16 year-old high school student by the name of Eli Shepherd. Join Eli and his growing squad of friends as they navigate the increasingly difficult waters of teendom.

Each story is told by one of Eli’s friends

Maggie, the all-school sleep-around

Pete, the hot-tempered jock with a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease

Tommy, the pessimistic downer

Judas, the super-rich friend, always looking for an angle

Martha, the good uber-religious girl

For a short time we are offering you a  sneak preview - a tiny taste of what lies ahead. We hope you will enjoy this series as much as we did writing it!  And don't forget to buy it on Amazon! 

First Chapter – Eli Diaries – Book One - The Battle Begins – By Bill Myers


I hate God.

Same goes for His kid.

The very name of His boy makes my scales crawl. That’s why I convinced the inhabitants of this parallel world to call him by his middle name. Granted, Eli is almost as obnoxious. But at least I can hear it without retching. I do miss the joy of people using his other name when they’re mad or cussing over something – nothing gives me as much pleasure as hearing my Enemy’s name associated with hate and pain. But losing that bit of happiness is a small price to pay. After all, compromise is the name of the game.

At least my game.

And don’t get me started on his followers which I hate almost as much as I do him.  True, there are plenty of them who serve me better than my own street team -- especially the ones who use religion to get into your face. I love the fact that every generation has its Pharisees – the ones who know their Book backwards and forwards and use it to spew judgement on anyone who disagrees. Yes sir, nobody helps my PR campaign against the Enemy like the devout. Not the ones He’s transformed; I’d destroy them in a nanosecond if I could. Seriously, they’re such a pain. No, I’m talking about the ones who quote the words of the Book, but are clueless of its Author. Who follow His every letter, but know nothing of His friendship. Those who try to change people from the outside with His rules, instead of from the inside with His love.

Okay, enough chatter. If you haven’t guessed my name by now, you’re an idiot

and not worth telling. In the future, you’ll hear plenty from his misguided minions. Each will have their own diaries talking about their times with him. Not that I’m worried. They’re all losers. If you don’t believe me, check their bios:

--Maggie, the all-school sleep around,

--Pete, a jock with a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease,

--Tommy, the downer,

--Martha, the serveaholic,

--Judas, who I personally have the highest hopes for.

And the list goes on. But this first diary is mine so pay attention because there will be a test at the end. And, trust me, the results will go on your very permanent record.

I won’t bore you how the Enemy brought Eli into this particular world. It’s pretty much the same as He’s done in all the others -- pregnant virgin, born in a barn, worshipped by migrant workers who claimed to see angels, and finally three foreign dignitaries who drop by to kick start everything with weird gifts.

Forget all that. Ancient history.

Today is a new day with new opportunities. . .

Check out our COOL author and info page for more about the writers and the characters!

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