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Blood of Heaven

Feature Film Thriller -

In Development

Drops of mysterious blood have been discovered upon an ancient religious artifact. Some think it is the blood of Christ. When its DNA is replicated and introduced into lab animals they do what’s best for their community instead of their own selfish needs. Next step is a human subject. Enter Michael Coleman, serial killer on death row. The effects may kill him or make him insane. But he agrees. The results are staggering. His personality begins to change, filling him with such compassion he must be released into a witness relocation program for his survival and to see what will happen next. But because it is science and not faith, the effects soon reverse, and he finds himself being pulled back down into the monster he’d once been. Blood of Heaven is an actor’s dream as the character arc goes from a Charlie Manson type, to a Jesus Christ, to the eventual and excruciating battle of overcoming internal evil with good.

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